für alle linzer wiener und wiener linzer und aus g'roaste

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


see, this is tuesday, 24th. nice. because monday was the 23rd and this was a crazy night out. fullstop. pictures might be uploaded, if they are'nt a serious threat for the mankind. But hey, people are getting older and the youth never comes back. But looking back on yesterday evening, really..... I do not mind. Now I'm at work and looking at norman reedus pictures with babs... also a good way to spend time. the forecast for the next days is uncertain but still has some fixed points. Wednesday evening party at the american guys' flat. Mechitaristengasse1 1070 Vienna. (this new privacy law is coming up in juli.. so don't panic). Thursday going to linz to fly to London on friday! hope to bring some good news from the island... hey back to the island!


Blogger andi said...

hey simsi! as you obviously have nothing to do at work *g* and as you are administratesse... can you change the time of day - display?? thx, andi

5/24/2005 03:43:00 pm  

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