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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

bla bla bla

a big 'holaaaa' to the linzerwiener readers.. I am really happy, that billions of good looking guys ask me on the street, if I am one of the tree amazing chicas publishing on linzblog. "yeah,... hi.. well, thanks a lot..". or like dominik would call it: "It's nicen nicen nicen nice...". No sé que, no sé cuanto. Well my actual inition to write is that I am a bit bored. I know, this feeling actually doesn't live anymore in my dark world of feelings since I was 16. Did you also say that word a lot when you were younger? I can remember me creeping up to my mum with my braces, my shaved hair and my silly looking yellow doc marten boots, saying: muhhhm, I am bored. And she would most of the time say: read something. And that actually fed my revolutionary thoughts and ambitions and I went out into the world to fight against my boredom. We met in the backyard of our house.. (yes, dear readers, the same where the cherry tree is/was standing..). The best time was when I was about 14 i think. Andreas you might correct me there, but back then we were a gang of about six to ten "freaky-cool" gals and guys and we played cops and robbers or dodgeball. I didn't like cops and robbers that much, because I was always afraid to be in the robber position.. because I hate the feeling of being bad.. no, muhaha, bullshit. Well, I just didn't like running away and being chased. And we played hide and seek in the dark, which was at the time when girl start being concerned about boys, but they don't recognize them...

ok, so now it's time to go to my dinner invitation.. puh, thank god I survived the last 15 minutes of boredom...


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