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Thursday, November 02, 2006

regained power and solved delays

ohh.. first day with snow in Austria.. read today that there was a huuuge car crash in Linz.. ohoh - change your tires, mates!
What else can I tell you.. I finally received the so long expected email from my profesor! I can start my search for a bookbinding shop in Sevilla...
On Tuesday we were out with the Salteras guys and Björn, the friend of Pedro through whom we got to know Pedro and he is the one who knows Pepé and Augusto and now we know that Björn also knows a friend of Martina.. HUH? istn't it somehow like that!? I think so.. whatever. Björn left the crowd at about.. 4 (?) to get 3 hours of sleep before Pedro should pick him up at 8 to go to Jerez airport. BUT.. read cabjörns story here..
I think Andi finally solved her burocracy problem and gets her "For christ sake live here" documentary soon.. I HOPE SO!! so we are back on our feet again.. ready to strike back against destiny which was indeed fucking us for a long time now!


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