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Thursday, March 16, 2006

isch will disch gucken!!!

yesterday was lasagne-eating-and-saying-good-bye-to-Matthias-cause-he's-going-back-to-Piefke-Land-time at Markus' place. simo and my super duper greek-salad lost against anna's salad (with roasted bread and bacon) but our little presents rocked the show! Mundl-DVD and Kaffeehäuser-Quartett.
Robin, the finnish "wall" brought self made pulla, the poster on the toilet-door made me nervous and we talked about the most important things in the world: Greenland, dog shit, blood and mobila man (the biggest mobile ever, actually a suitcase to carry around).

Today I am again good in killing time. talked to fischi for hous on skype (both in "skype-me"-mode) having conferences with marokko-guys. actually fischi talked to them and I listened, rolling on the floor laughing: "isch will disch gucken" - best phrase of the afternoon! Posted by Picasa


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