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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I saw a report yesterday about the babyshambles gig at flex... like a backstag interview with good old son-in-law pete doherty... and he was well fucked up. Spaced out, dirty fingers, his face nearly fell of his head and his eye lids and his eyes "themselves" acted individually and in slow motion.. so I felt sad for him, although that's a stupid thing to do, because he chose this excessive life for himself. I don't know if I was sorry for him or if it was just this huge personalized drug I imagined standing right on his head the whole time long. It was like a aura of drug (don't ask me how it looked) which covered good old pete and made him act like dough.
It felt so disgusting watching him trying to speak and I had this disgusted feeling the last time when I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... or the beginning from Train Spotting.. the toilett scene ... urgh. And now I just saw somebody who is pete - but in a baby-version.. and I found out that there is something like a Pete Doherty Syndrom in my soul.


Blogger andi said...

da mr. babyshambles hat auch noch 2 burberry schals geklaut. am wiener flughafen. sagt zumindest Wien Heute. und die ische vom geschäft hat ihn nicht angezeigt. SKANDAAAAAALE die das leben schreibt!

4/07/2006 06:30:00 pm  

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