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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Agata's happy birthday

Agata's birthday celebrations, on a happy but sad Monday. It was my last day on monarchic grounds, my last time in Old Street, last time in Maija's flat with May aka "the night lodger" staying over ... I had so many sad moments at the airport and when I arrived in Philadelphia the staff at the airport was so rude, I wanted to fly straight back.
But, now that I had a good night sleep I am "fresh and awake" and ready to conquer America! Pics will follow soon, but at the moment all I've seen is my brother's flat. His wife Tanja and the little buzzi-baby. And since they're all very Austrian I can't really say anything about America at the moment.


Blogger andi said...

wow... chica, you are just soo cosmopolitan! I can´t believe that you are already over the big lake... when do you come to spaaaaiiiiin????

8/24/2006 09:13:00 am  

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