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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I don´t know why

my entries look so weird but anyways...
Simo is here already and we are definitelz having a good time.. the only things I really miss are a Y and a Z at the right place on the keyboard... argh..
ok, yesterday Simo and I went out with Pedro and his friends PepeNacho and Agosto to have German beer.. Simo was drunk within 10 minutes and although we didn´t get ANY joke they made we had a very good time... AND we saw a bunch of toreros walking to their "tourbus" in their glitter-glamour-costumes. now we are very into pink nylons and gold jackets you know...
oh starts... gotta go to see very charming Adrian, my teacher...yiiieeeehaaa...ACHTUUUNG GRANATEEEEEN!!!!!


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