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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm nearly gone...

My last big party night in Sevilla... With Pedro, Iat and Andrea... After getting the big money from a traduction job we did we directly went to have lunch and 2 relaxing coffees at one of open air bars in the park.. Totally relaxed and ready to do some loundry and cleaning and preparing my departure I spent 4 minutes at home when Pedro called and we had some beers... till 20:30 and we picked up Andi from work.. and - surprise - got ready to go out.. FIESTA!.. vamonos compadre! -huuuuge dinner in Salteras with kidneys (we ate half, Pedro 4,5.. I was constantly thinking about you, martina, while I tried them...), a lot of grilled meat and off we got to get drinks.. After Andrea innocently pissed off Iat's girlfriend by no being an italian guy called "Andrrrea" we finally could get away from mortally offended spanish girl...To >Antique<.. Wooow.. Entering we nearly crushed into a basketball team.. I swear, I have never seen that tall guys.. it was amazing.. wow.. J-LO already left and so we concentrated on the things we dominate: dance - stare - drink!


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