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Saturday, January 14, 2006

all disco dancing must end in broken bones

after yesterday I ask myself what would have happened if I was young in the 70s..... but as simone says: "waun mei tante a zü*** häd, daun warads mei onkö!".. more speculations about me being a groovy-saturday-night-fever-chick!
Reality is... yesterday Julia and me were right in the middle of a orpheum-full 70s universe...the bad powells birthday party. Streetlife, I will survive, son of a preacher man, proud mary... songs you can't just listen...shake shake shake...dadaddadaa....shake shake shake....shake your booties!! And that's what we did!
I had 2 sentimental emotional releases: one when Harry A Hammer (HPRC) entered the stage
(please listen to the hot pants road club song "something special"
and when Harry sings "I can't even find the words for you darling,
would you please give me one more try to tell you what I'm feeling inside"
you will know that this is the best sung line of all lines ever!)
and the second at the kitschy and a bit cheesy final song "We are the world".
so, friday the 13th was the best day of greenland week so far... in the end I catched 4 last public transport vehicles in the last minute - 94a, U1, U3, U6... yes it's a "broader weg" from the 70s back to reality!


Anonymous julia said...

i'm bad-so bad!!!
nachdem wir uns in die vorderste kampfzone durchgearbeitet haben, standen wir inmitten lauter junggebliebener mitvierziger, die wie zapferl abgegangen sind!
das hat sich jedoch jedesmal schlagartig geändert, wenn die bad powells ihren kung fu fighting gruß anstimmten. da verwandelten sich auch die wildesten dancing machines in fromme lämmchen und verneigten sich ehrfürchtig ohhohohoooooo ohhohohoooooo!!!
und diese promiquote! tini kainrath-la bomba, wieso waren die eigentlich beim songcontest so schlecht? douze points tini!!! der wahnsinn, ich bin noch immer ganz geflasht. peace babes!!!

1/14/2006 01:53:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...und ich hab nix trinken dürfen!!! fuck the probeführerschein!!!!

1/16/2006 12:04:00 pm  

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