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Saturday, February 18, 2006

c'est la langue de l'amour

esperanto again! pero Vetsch speaks el espanol more and more and better and better. Bueno. This evening started at 7:30 post meridien in front of the opera. We met our spanisch friend Andrés there.. Hola! and then hansi lang, thomas rabitsch y i-wolf - Wolfgang Schloegl where waiting for us at birdland to present the famous "Slow Club" to us.. man, what a voice!! It sometimes snows in April.. THE best kissing scene ever via video beamer.. weauuuuuu!! we were a little bit groovin', you know.. little shoulder action an head nodding.. andrés was listening. did he like it? i dunno....
so my boss told me to say hello to hansi lang and it took him about 20 minutes to change and come out.. but There I was like a fösn...bla bla rharbaber rharbaber.. blush, turn around, RUN!!
afterwards: decision de la jefa: café bendl.. our dearest readers already know that this place is another cave to feel good in.. After my room.. which is the MASTER CAVE! you should see it when i live in there.. but you never will... it's a secret! well bendl was great again.. action, frankfurter, toast, koks and good music.. Andrés loved it and told us that this was the best day in his life... is that a good thing? vetsch found out that "der hot an haufn klagöd"... well.. great evening in vienna! and i feel that spring is coming! i'm telling you!
and by the way... would you start a massage at your girlfriend's back, just because hansi lang is singing "love letters" .... brrrriiiiiha! Tomorrow we need to check how many kunterling moved in into our house yesterday, after we got the prove from Dr.vetscho that they are cute... ok..
man fragt sich : Wohnt der Mann denn auf dem Mond auch schön. Hat er genau wie wir ne Mondscheinbraut, für die sich lohnt daß man ein Häuschen baut.


Blogger Carolina said...

Darf ich auch einmal mit euch am Abend fortgehen? Meine Mama nimmt mich naemlich nieee mit! Ich darf immer nur strampeln! Liebe Gruesse an meine Lieblingstante und an alle Linzer & Wiener!

2/18/2006 03:45:00 am  
Anonymous martina said...

Ja, was? Wart nur, wenn ich nach Philly komm. Da gehn wir beide dann nur mehr leischen.
... Also vielleicht nicht, am Abend, weil du da im Bett bist. Und wenn du schläfst geht's auch nicht, und zum Winderl weschseln is es ja auch besser zu Hause,
.....aber, naja, also wenn zwischen essen, schlafen und windeln noch zeit bleibt, dann sind wir sofort auf der Leisch.

2/18/2006 11:33:00 am  
Blogger andi said...

simo, I think you have to bake a cake and then we can check out our new neighbour... let's stalk him down ;)

2/18/2006 03:13:00 pm  
Blogger simo said...


you go first, carrying something heavy. and then you bump against every single door in our house, while you are crawling up the stairs... until somebody opens and asks you if they can help.. and guess what:


2/18/2006 06:20:00 pm  
Blogger andi said...

hahahaaa... and then those funny third-floor-philippinos show up and off you are!!! ;)

2/18/2006 08:04:00 pm  
Anonymous martina said...

Did the new neighbour move in the flat above yours? Well, too bad you didn't leave the whole in the ceiling then ;)

2/19/2006 01:29:00 am  

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