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Sunday, April 02, 2006

new goodies

we proudly present three new links:
today is a map day. Simo put up a Vienna map in the kitchen and we created a online frappr map. So, join us if you want to. be our friend. I don't know where this might lead us... maybe to heaven.
and a big hello to mister Bastolino who does a good job in the podcasting world. really funny, although he is german ;-) the last episode really makes me wanna go out and get drunk, immediately. and toni mahoni's videoblog. no need for any explanation.

and now the most important info of the day: today I cooked the worst dinner ever. I didn't dare to take a pic of it. If you want to dump your boyfriend, kill your cat, disappoint you mum... just prepare "Brokkoli-Karfiol-Fleckerl-with-mozarella-sauce" for them.


Blogger martina said...

Mozarellla-Sauce? Sounds physically impossible

4/02/2006 09:53:00 pm  

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