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Monday, May 08, 2006

It's a guestbook. And you can paint in it!

Yet another useful feature. It's a guestbook.
Now I know that you are not really that keen on commenting, BUT in the guestbook, you don't have to comment. You merely leave an impression; from you - for us. That's not hard, is it? AND IT'S FUN, COS YOU CAN PAINT AND STUFF!!
So, a permanent link is coming soon and for the moment go GUESTBOOK

Woops, i forgot, it's in German. For all those, who want to practice their German:
click here for guestbook = weiter zum Gästebuch (the first page is annoying advertising)
create new entry = neue Seite eintragen (left bottom corner)
send = abschicken (right bottom corner)
(The big field is for drawing and the small one for writing.)


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