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Sunday, May 14, 2006

yes, I don't play the guitar.

I didn't have much luck with public transport yesterday. It took me ages to go from Waterloo to Archway, because several tubes weren't working. And I was late anyway, because I finished my last project yesterday, as well. (yeay!)
But I finally arrived at May's and we had a guitar session. May aka, the singing halbert, showed me her refined guitar skills (Zombie by the cranberries: "So-hom-be ...") And I figuered that I'm better in playing bass on the guitar then - guitar on the guitar. In the end we found our way (through pittoresque streets) and went to Jaimes and Derreks house warming. It was a cool party (as always) but I had to leave early, because I'm meeting my beloved brother in an hour so I've got to rush. And later I'll print a bit more stuff out for tomorrow.

(And finally I learned how to put more than one picture in a post)

May the singing halbert
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the good neighbourhood
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May and Jaime
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