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Thursday, June 22, 2006

click yourself to heaven

the deadline to hand in my studies comes nearer. next friday. I sent my diploma theses to my thesis tutor today at 2.30h. but there are still some things to arrange until next week:

STEP 1: wait for the OK to let bind the book
STEP 2: bind the book
STEP 3: go to the lasvegasrecords-sause tonight
STEP 4: bring the book to the prof
STEP 5: go to Donauinselfest
STEP 6: watch the BWZ-football game on Sunday
STEP 7: watch the England game at Strandbar Hermann on Sunday
STEP 8: wait for a certification
STEP 9: work 2 days in Linz
STEP 10: hand in everything

current state: STEP 1. and it makes me crazy. my finger already hurts of clicking the hell out of my Inbox - aaaaaaaah. It's 14.04h and I just opened myself a nice fresh alcopop. Hope I can sleep a while cause I have to improve the mania-score of this test which is STEP 11!

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