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Thursday, November 09, 2006

white trash

This is my favourite piece of clothing since Monday. I am a waitress now! unbelieveable. Fräulein Mag. Waitress! Working in a restaurant in Spain without ever having worked in the service sector feels weird. ...(..) but at least we have some common sense which we can use in those situations when you neither have experience, nor the posibility to comunicate what you want. And since we are not McGywer ,who would rescue himself with a toothpick and a melting ice cube, we need to follow our instinct. Thats why Andi enjoys her working time next to Mr. handsome waiter Antonio and thats why I am staring 7 hours a day into the kitchen to watch out italian chef preparing food. No, there is no "saliva dropping" included! I should have done a cook apprenticeship.. Damn it! too late.. or? hm.. probably.. probably not..
So the job till now is quite "tranquilo". The restaurant opened on Monday, that's why we haven't had SOOOO many customers at lunchtime the last 4 days.. Still I am enjoying being occupied for some hours during the daytime and probably I plan an evil take over and put the hungarian cook trainee in a white shirt and myself under a cooking cap.


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