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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hilmar - therapeutic modelling

Originally uploaded by martina melitta.
(As you can see, the card in my camera is broken, but today's story is still evident)
Since the workload in my "office" is a bit low, I'm looking for other stuff to keep me busy. And apart from excessively clicking the "get mail" button, making paper models of EKG's or preparing to being able to sing a karaoke version of "Looking for Freedom", I am modelling fist-shaped characters.
That means that I'm holding clay in my hand and in the process of holding it, I create a face. Later, I paint them and sit them next to my radio on the table. (Am I crazy?)
Today my Dad found the latest of my creations, mistook it for a random piece of clay and started to knead it. When I saw this act of vandalism I hastily asked my Dad why he destroyed my Hilmar? He said that he wanted to know how it feels like.


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