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Thursday, January 25, 2007


OLÉ! I am back into this blog writing stuff!! Need to give a little input aswell.. But probably I am just having a little bit of a hard time here in Sevilla and I just can't find a good story, compared to martina's.

I am working in the Cafeteria, preparing breakfasts and putting dishes into the dishwasher. At the weekends, I work Wednesday till Sunday in the mornings, I am allowed to serve the tables.. juhuu.. Then I go to the university library to work. At the moment I am preparing my first german class, which I am giving today at 7. To Evita. My student. Just searched for a german song which would serve for a grammar exercise.. after some silbermond "kissing and lifting up in the middle of a university party" songs I found Alf Poiers "Chinasong" - musse esse bissi strasse.. That actually made me laugh...

Tomorrow I don't grill bacon and don't fry eggs, so I have time to work for my third work. pfu..

But time is still great here! I had my second flamenco class yesterday and the first part of the Sevillana I am learning is actually looking a little bit like flamenco.. little bit.. sometimes.. I just don't get this passionate feeling.. So I have more the Slow-Fox-Sevillana style..
but soon I will be one of the proud women who dance with passion and fire; who keep their shoulders down and their head up! I think I would deserve giving myself a little bit more selfesteem, more pride and more of "TOMA!" yeah... TAKE THIS!, my friend!
but I still need to convince myself to let this new attitude come through, and that's the hardest part.


Blogger luis said...

keep on rocking in a free world! ich vermiss euch....

1/26/2007 12:31:00 pm  

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