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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Where's the poor lonesome cowboy, who's so far away from home?

While in Italy, I had a spare afternoon in which I decided to roam the internet for pictures of all the guys I ever had a crush on.

The first guy in my life that I had feelings for was Lucky Luke. I remember, I couldn't even read by that time, but it didn't matter, because love doesn't need words. Then came Terrence Hill, the clever cowboy who's handsome, funny and always a bit dirty - but in a sexy way. (We notice that ongoing cowboy theme, in my very early years!) Number Three in my life - and I was only about 11 years old - was McGyver. The cool handyman, who knows a solution to every situation. And anyone who ever had a mullet like him knows how brave a man can be.

But then something changed. When I reached puberty, I realized that if McGyver was suddenly standing in front of me, I'd probably wee my pants. So I started looking for more realistic characters. And guys like Michael J. Fox, Paddy Kelly or Jonathan Brandis (well known from series' like Seaquest DSV) started to attract my attention. They looked cute and harmless, but sadly enough, they weren't really talented.

I guess, those boys really marked the end of my Teeny-crush-era. Everyone that came after that was just more or less admired for his individual body parts. Like George Cloony's Eyes, Brad Pitt's jaws, Edward Norton's mouth and chin, ... But they didn't make it in my daydreams anymore. Instead real boys took their place. Boys I had seen at the bus stop, at the skate park or more likely, in school. But I have to admit they were equally out of reach.

Well I guess a few years have past since school and I traded day dreaming for much more interesting stuff. And nowadays I can say that I tend to go back to my roots. That is I still like cowboys a.k.a. brave guys who know what they want and are not afraid of taking the very same, but yet still have the honor of a cowboy i.e. they would never shoot a guy in the back and they treat women like ladies.

I'm well aware though that on the other side, those cowboys will never have the sleek metrosexuality of a David Beckham or the immaculate body of a Mark Wahlberg. But I don't really care, because firstly I like it rough anyways and secondly I know that you can take a cowboy out of the prairie, but you can't take the prairie out of a cowboy.


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Thanks. No really.

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