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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ass hurts

Sevilla is on strike. no buses for a whole week. and my working place is far faaaaar away from my sleeping place. Thank god my breakfasting place is full of nice people and so Pablo lent me his daughters bike, sorry, crappy bike. surpriiiiise... it's way too small for the austrian standard height. conclusion: everything hurts. but apart from that going by bike along the river with a view on beautiful Triana is great and so was the rest of the day. A totally serious man told me that I was guapa even though I hadn't had coffee before, then I spent a totally relaxed birthday afternoon with Alice in a café, a terrible thunderstorm hit Sevilla while I was at work and NOT on my bike and I talked to a 80 year old sevillano about all the wars of history. well, he talked and I nodded and this still was difficult enough!


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