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Monday, May 14, 2007


Simo's gone. gone with the wind. Left me alone with the crowd, with 33 degrees and a crappy Internet connection. This afternoon we had a very sentimental good bye. at least from my side. Can't help Simo, I just have to cry when things turn sad.
So please dear readers, take care of her at home. She might have some problems getting used to middle european way of life again. If she starts swearing in spanish just ignore her or shout something back to break the austrian silence. Give her some rum from time to time and tell her that she's guapa once in a while to keep the spanish feeling alive.


Blogger simo said...

Being sad on a plane with ugly peoplefrom your hometown is a really negative situation. Being welcomed by your parentsand all you do is cry and run out of the airport is even worse.. man, just 2 months and I'll be back..

5/15/2007 01:25:00 am  

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