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Thursday, June 21, 2007

no foto

Still I have no pictures I couls show to you, but at least I try to give you a brief update:

- my flat is nearly equipped. Missing things: wardrobe and kitchen... but I still feel like living out of boxes, which leads to an unorganised chaos of clothes, tools and cables. My neighbourhood is full of dark haired, dark eyed guys and I feel like being on holidays just after leaving my building. I love that!! So you see, I've come a long way baby!

- my work is still good. Regular visits of my ex-thesis-professor spice up my life and today I have a seminar together with the other 2 newbies and 2 irish students.. hm-.. yeah, I know what you think, that I think... nooooooooo

- my friends are quite in a summer mood like I am and actually Vienna feels much more relaxed since I came back. Or is it me? Still keeping the corazon andalú alive! And silently weeping when I read andreas emails or blog entries... still wasn't able to look at the flickr-pics.. I think it would make me drop a tear...


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