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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wrong eye

What a week,
The first whole summer I've ever spend in England and I have to admit that the English weather didn't let me down. I expected rain and I rain I got. Plenty! Too much even, because there are still parts of England which are flooded pretty badly, it's a bit like this major flood we had in Austria a few years ago, where everybody sat in front of Strom, watching the Strom stream by.

Last weekend was very good organised ... this weekend keeps surprising me in a very chaotic way. I missed Lucy's leaving drinks on Friday, due to bad time management, which was very sad. Saturday was a very loooong day as well, first I went shopping for "prescriptive" shoes, which May thinks are soo cool ... oh and I visited my flatmate selling toys at the toyshop ... and at 4 o'clock in the morning I had to wake up May (who holds her very own room at our little flat now) to ask her to bring me to hospital, because one of my eyeballs had shifted in colour from bright white to ruby red, which - for most parts of the body - is not a desirable colour.
But it's all cool now. I got eyedrops and it will all be good and in the meanwhile I keep looking like I'm on drugs ... which I'm not, Mum.


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