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Thursday, September 27, 2007

am I still in Spain?

"Hostel life makes you crazy" people told me when i started. Now, after 3 months I am training new staff and what do I tell them? "Hostel life makes you crazy" of course.
the hostel seems like a tax haven, but without money. Everything from everywhere. I'm mixing up languages. When I count money I count in english, from 13 on I think in german and from 20 on in spanish. I have belgian BBQ once a week, as well as japanese deep fried WonTons. I eat spanish tortilla with chinese chili sauce. i hear english drum&base together with belgian radio and spanish life flamenco guitar sounds. I use the words awesome and wicked and I can't remember the german word for "cancellation".
No wonder that I get a laugh-heart-attack when somebody like Ken Cock checks in. I need some days off.... definitely. crazy in the braiiiiiin....


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