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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sun Burn

Botanical garden
Originally uploaded by martina melitta
Places most likely to catch a sunburn:
) Feet. Very vulnerable and most often neglected.
) Calves. I can't repeat it often enough. Just because you don't see it (all the time) doesn't mean it isn't there.
) Boobies. No one wears push-up bras on the beach for a reason!
) Nose. Vulnerability is genetically dependent.
) Shoulders. See calves.
) Head. Unless you're shaving your head cos it's in fashion, I say let's hide the naked skin underneath some trendy accessory, just to be safe. There is nothing more unsexy (!) than seeing a guy creaming his bald head.

And if you don't use sunscreen, you might end up with a red head like the man in the picture lying on the grass!


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