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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sydney FC beats LA Galaxy 5-3

Now what a cool game and what a cool free kick from David Beckham! I watched the game munching Thai food and drinking Victoria Bitter, before falling into a deep sleep - one that got me dreaming.
I dreamed that I was living in the countryside but there were lot's of elevators around that would bring you under ground. And while I was living there suddenly David Beckham was jogging all around the countryside, because he was training. And once I even saw him in the lift with two of his children, he was a bit sweaty from all the jogging he had done (obviously!) and I talked to him about his free kick at the game versus Sydney FC. He said that it was a great goal for him and that he's very satisfied he managed to score that day.

HA! So, now we know! This is how David felt about his free kick. I heard it all ... in my dream.


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