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Friday, November 09, 2007

The mission

The mission
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My mission yesterday was to go accross the harbour bridge. I started off at Circular Quay. But it soon turned out that with all the wind, I'd freeze to death before I'd even reach the bridge (It's unusually cold for this time of the year, grrr) So I went back to the center to find myself something on sale that could warm me up ;) (sneaky ...)

Wearing an additional long sleeve T-shirt, I finally started my journey. And after a walk through the Rocks and wandering through little side Streets of the so called "Altstadt" of Sydney I reached the Bridge with its 12 lane highway. And while I was trying not to breath in too much to avoid all the exhausts gasses from the cars and holding my skirt to not do a Monroe in front of all the Japanese tourists, I took a couple of cool pictures from Sydney Harbour!


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