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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Architecture in Helsinki, Yeay!!

Yesterday, I've been to such a cool concert in Sydney. They were soo great - the band didn't fit through the door, they had to lie them down and roll them in! Ah, so cool music, I can't believe.
I didn't get a ticket in the standing area anymore and had to sit upstairs, but that didn't matter, I was dancing in my chair. Forget the "Innereien Shake" (innards shake?) - Welcome to the chair shake! I hit my thighs so hard, was shaking my chair so vividly and moving my arms and head so fast, I almost started to levitate.
No, in fact I did levitate. Not like X-men ... it was more mini-seconds of levitation as I was bouncing like a tennis ball. I'm glad there were no dogs around, one might have tried to catch me hi hi ...

Uh and speaking of canines - I'm going to a dog exhibition today, ahhhh it's gonna be so cool!


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