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Monday, May 30, 2005

part #2

the roof gardens experience started off with queuing up, although we were on this list thingy.. so 45 minutes in a queue, because of one in one out. then body check for the guys from 2 security men. handbag check for the girls.. up to the roof in the elvator and once the slide door opens, its them girls, dressed with little headbands and high heels. thankfully i had a mentally strong day that saturday and these chicks couldn't destroy my mood. HA! we bought some drinks and started dancing and it felt like somebody is throwing a party in his penthouse because of the carpents on the floor and the restricted number of people who were allowed to get in and this wonderful roof garden surrounden by ancient looking walls, with fountains, beautiful flowers and lounges. That was really a big "wow" when you get out there. back inside there was still good music until 3 i think, then all of a sudden again this crappy "turning on the lights, cancelling the party mood, and trying to quickly shovel all the people out of the club" thing - hey, it works! unbelieveable for austria, where you always end up with 15 drunk people at 6, 3 of them enjoying themselves doing freestyle dancing, the rest trying to make some actions which can be told to friends the next day... not in the uk. 9 people in a cab then and back to the flat. but at least fischi and me made the "anti depression" photo which will follow soon!


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