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Sunday, April 23, 2006

"a latino night" or "wie man in der langen gasse versumpert"

Everything started with a tropical exotical show at Metropol. It was José Ritmo and his dancers who kept me awake after friday's birthday party at susi's eck (Julia you're entry hit the nail on the head). Antonio José, our latino blooded Englishman joined the "latino faxe" and the only thing which kept me from being totally relaxed was THIS - open, close, open close - I know, one shouldn't do this, but I HAD to look at it all the time.
Then Simone and me "walked" to MQ to meet the old linzergang, some BWZ boys and the Finns. I had a HUGE "g'spritztn" and the "I am going to bed early today"-intention was forgotten. Going to Subzero didn't sound very attractive so Gerd, Val, Simo and I stayed a little bit longer. Gerd, this lucky ass (how many times did you already win on fm4??), found 10 € and this was a good reason to search Cafe Lange and drink another "Runde". A deeply honest talk about love made us sentimental - guys, you rock!!!
In the end, those who didn't want to go out at all where the last to go home. Sorry Anthony for not saying good bye to you in the morning. I couldn't and I believe you wouldn't wanna have seen me like that ;-)


Blogger simo said...

yeah yeah yeah! Yesterday was
w u n d e r b a r !!

we started quite säixi.. with gonzalez, my favourite bootie shaker from ritmo del sol. then my bootie turned pink yesterday, thanx to the MQ-enzis I was sliding down all night.. giorgio has the same glasses as jörg haider and I was accused to be prudish... ts ts ts.

4/23/2006 03:08:00 pm  
Blogger andi said...

jaja, du rosa popscherl. wo wir grade bei farben sind: hat schorschi gestern tatsächlich erzählt, er hätte bei seiner firmung eine weiße jeans und ein rotes Sakko angehabt? und hat vali dies tatsächlich noch mit seinem erstkommunionsoutfit - ein LILA Sakko - getoppt? burschen, ich würd gern fotos sehn!

und am ende Simone, hast du doch bewiesen, dass du nicht prüde bist: sonst schmeißt man doch nicht Wörter wie Mö***hausen in die Runde... muahahaha

4/23/2006 06:28:00 pm  
Blogger simo said...

mooooooooooment... das ist die durchaus gängige bezeichnung für die dependance des pfeilheims und heißt ned mö***hausen sondern mö***burg...

4/23/2006 08:18:00 pm  

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