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Friday, April 21, 2006

WG-Impressions #6

turn your lights down low!
As I have to face the truth that I will be moving out of Blindengasse in July makes me look at WG-things a little bit closer. This "lamp" is easy to overlook but in fact it's a hidden treasure. It doesn't give light, it's not very pretty but nevertheless it does a good job as a steppingstone for the career of decoration things we find once in a while. Once you made it up there as a decoration article you win, it will be hard for any other rubbish to compete with you. I remember Vetsch's disco ball hanging there for quite a while until someone tried to be funny and stole it at a party. The professional string thingy to fix the disco ball is still up there - in memoriam. And the "new" flower chain is on the right path to become the new champion!
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