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Monday, April 17, 2006

nachtrag zum osterfeste

Sund. 16.04.06:
hey: this is a live report from mühlviertel and i am just at this very moment receiving the easter segen from bishop schwarz from linz via life-radio.. swoooop – yep, i am holy now! and the suitable sound would be the ICQ received file “zoom”. On the left side of the couch i am sitting on, is my dog. sleeping and occupying a whole couch so that mostly me and my mum have to share the small couch, because “look how sweet she is sleeping.. ohh, schniffels.. ooooodi”! grrrr... then i can also see my dad, hoovering around with our small portable hoover... sucking in... those evil crumbs and atoms.. and finally we have my mum.. cooking already and going nuts, because we have 1 (!) guest today! How is this all going to be done within 1 hour.... panic! she is minister for all the very important things here. So today i have already received some commands.. such as:
please, always close this drawer - I once found a dead spider in there!
.. ähm, ok!?..
your hair looks shit, cut it! you know I just like it without the pony..
... thanks for telling me!
clean the bathroom sink. but with a cloth..
.. no, mum, normally i lick it clean!

GEEEZ! I feel like 12! So I will choose the forest and the wildness of this beautiful country to flee from serious talks about my future, about my mums future (with her telling me that she never will go to a home for old people, and that she will die alone and abandoned because i will never take care of here), you don’t know how r e l a x i n g such words are.. But still I hope that egg holidays were nice and realxing for all of us.. or.. ok, except andi.. i know her answer already..and probably chulia.. who crashed her car when she tried to do some serious stunts...pff. but all that counts these days is: I HO EAM!


Blogger julia said...

falls du noch mehr an fremden leid zehren möchtest: ich entkam knapp einer terpentinvergiftung, erbrach fast mein innerhalb kürzester zeit in mich hineingestopftes osterschökli und meine mama schlug mich im mojitowetttrinken.

4/17/2006 07:47:00 pm  
Blogger simo said...

uijeeeee... das muss erst mal verarbeitet werden!

4/18/2006 09:08:00 am  

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