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Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday Dub-Da-Duh

Yesterday morning I accompanied Michaela, a friend of mine to an Australia-Fair. Well, it turned out that the only people wellcomed in the "land down under" are doctors and laywers. But Michaela tried hard to make the most of it and after 20minutes she had:
One orange bag that would fill during the day with kilos of research material for her projects. One little toy-bear with really big feet (wtf). And in the end she managed to get one information that was worth exactly 10 pounds (we didn't get to keep the bill though)

Later we had brunch at the Troubadour, did some window- and some real shopping (I SO have a new winterjacket for when I go snowboarding next week) and I guess I we walked a couple of kilometers between shops, cafés and fairs.


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