für alle linzer wiener und wiener linzer und aus g'roaste

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vielen Dank für die Blumen..

Today I received some e-mails and some of the senders have to be mentioned here:

  • my dad - thank you for ... my new freaky digicam!
  • his new secretary - mum?
  • apple store - thank you for ... my new freaky iPod nano I gave myself for b-day!
  • permanent enlargement_buy_huge co** - thanx, you shouldn't have!

and the day was great so far and I expect it to climb the hill of birthday-mood constantly - all night long! oh.. that's a good catchword: lionel - sing for me biaabyyyy!

so let's celebrate whatever one wanna celebrate! I will do so wearing my new Panier, so it will all be fine, fine, fiiiine.

Till soon, muchachos!


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