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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Language, Sir!

Educational duty no.I
I read in the Economist (the second time I bought it... ) about the rules of verbal exchange. YES, there are rules. And in N.Y. city these are supposed to be a really big deal right now. Till this new trend arrives here in the southern desert of Spain, there will pass a few years, but I am prepared! So I thought about giving you a short insight into this new world of speech. (acutally I won't as I can see now, once finished writing...)
SIR Isaiah Berlin (what a name) died in 1997. Before he died he lived his life as one on the best conversationalists of DA WORLD! His friends said about him, that he was spinning and flipping through the subjects, letting oneself glide along with it for hours down a fresh river, whose banks where adorned woth beautiful horses... I bet the guy who wrote this was a masta speaker aswell... So researching today about Mr. Berlin made me discover about his theory of positive and negative liberty, about the difference between hedgehogs and foxes and I liked the statement about political decisions, which (in one sentence) shouldn't be made for their intented purpose, because the purpose may not occur but the means always will. (how poorly translated is this...)
So I just wanted to drop the name... and I feel really geeky, freeky and absoluteloodelidoo boring right now.. but I found that all so interesting.. and if I tell this story anybody face to face he will fall asleep, and this is the worst thing which can happen to the master-fox of conversation..
german link to mr. berlin, just if anybody wants to feel like wearing a black turtleneck and shell-rimmed glasses for a minute.. (do not use this at a date..lethal!!)


Anonymous geeky said...

Well, this shows how much you pay attention to what I tell you ;) Because when I was crazy about Isiah Berlin, two years ago, after I read one of his books, you obviously didn't listen to my long stories about history and change!
Welcome to geek world.

1/10/2007 09:36:00 am  
Blogger simo said...

marrrtina!! when did you tell me about Sir Berlin?? But the pig theory with the klingones wasn't supposed to be one of his...
Or who is the geek?

1/10/2007 02:43:00 pm  

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