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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hello-di-ho! Here I am! Just ready to give a little resume over the last week, which could be expressed by one sentence: I DON'T KNOW! and one picture:

So probably some of you might have noticed that I had to make a decision. Quite a big one. A week ago on monday I flew to Valencia for a job interview at SanLucar. The fruit company you might know. They offered me a job in the strawberry department (sounds like the group-system of a kindergarten, i know) including logistic and administrative tasks, So the big question from last Tuesday afternoon till today was: should I go to Valencia or not. And the answer is: I don't go. So this was my crisis the last days. Normally making decisions for me is quite easy. Mostly I don't think so much and I would never ever write a pros and cons list! But this time was hard. So my plan is to stay here till the end of april. My german classes are going well, I've got a new student. Rafa, 24, with an IQ of 4589t which makes me the nervous person during classes. In constant fear of any question which will plop out of his mind. So that's Monday till Tuesday, 2 hours a day and my other german class starts again next week. This money I spend on Flamenco classes twice a week where I started to learn Bulerias and Sevillanas. Yeah, the Sevillanas dancing without passion. Yep, that's me! And today I found myself in Bocadillo heaven whith my flatmate and his friend making 80 with Chorizo and Salchichon.. hui.


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