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Monday, March 19, 2007

uno más?

Hi. Back in Sevilla after another superbe weekend in Isla Cristina. Staying at our friend's place, hanging out with our friend Miguel at "Casino" and always being confronted with a lot of party relaxation. Friday the "one beer" turned out to be an evening with cubatas and chupitos and todo.. including 100% spanisch village club where Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Manuel Carrasco and Melendi would be proud of their songs.. Culoooo!
Are you still my friends :)

Thanks to Tarzan who entertained Andi with beautiful conversations like: Sevilla - beautiful. Spain - beautiful, we didn't mind leaving the club at 7. ... Of course being aware of the disgusting hangover we would have the next day. Also knows as "Isla nausea".. didn't see the beach on Saturday but at least I made it to the supermarket.. And guess what we did at 1:00 a.m.? We went to have " a drink" with Miguel.. Kept on drinking and talking to Fernando and Pablo, a.k.a "el moderator" and "another guy who saw us months ago". At 4:30 we went to La Tata where we spent an hour being observed by locals.. They should really know us by now! At unbelieveable 5:30 we went with Miguel and Nadal to Kaos thinking that the party should already have started by that time.. and we were right. Dancing, cubatas and the impressing chest of a waiter - shaved, B-cup and with an enormous D&G chain.. Well we ended up at 8 having breakfast with all the waiters and bouncers Isla Cristina has to offer.. Andi got half a tomato, I got told that my hair looks like Meg Ryan's and tremendously handsome "Mr. Stick and hat" made us think really, really lustful thoughts just by sitting opposite of us.. Caramba!

more pics here


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