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Saturday, March 10, 2007

BBC documentaries

I am a bit agitated since yesterday. Everything began when I just stopped by at Simones to see how her wisdom tooth is doing when she convinced me to stay and watch a BBC documentary online. title: PRIVATE PARTS. Now I know some vagina tips and stories I actually didn't want to know before and guess what... I'll share it with you!
#1: don't rush out of the shower when the telephone rings and sit on a can of hairspray accidentally
#2: don't EVER get pierced down there
#3: there actually exists a "VAGINA DESIGNER" in LA, so if you feel you wanna change a bit down there, just go there, pay 10.000 dollars and say: "hey vagina designer, the playboy style please!"
so, enough. and I won't even start about the things we saw on BBCs "Perfect Penis". And I wonder how many google searches will end at this post..hihihi


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