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Sunday, March 11, 2007

the "buy one get two"-party

It seems that I am the only person still blogging because Martina kind of disapeared in Australia (chica, I'm waiting for a detailed report!!!) and Simone is glued to the sofa watching Grey's Anatomy with Devon, her new flatmate. So it's up to me writing the resume of Simones graduating party which took place yesterday night on Simos rooftop. very cool, many drinks, much food. We actually coundn't merge the two groups that formed but as spanish people use to say: NO PASA NADA. to make it short I chose the 4 most significant pictures:
#1: food more food
#2: Devons fiesta crowd
#3: Simos fiesta crowd
#4: der letzte Rest vom Schützenfest

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