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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

flights and cars

big news: MAMA, I´M COMING HOME!!!

booked a flight to homeland Austria yesterday. Means that from 16.05 (REMINDER: which by the way is my birthday, so I expect a huge birthday cake and a birthday crowd at the airport) to 21.05 I´m in Linz... yippiiieeh! If at that time I am in a deep crisis or I just don´t want to go back I maybe stay. But as you know me, I just can´t make plans for more than 1 week in advance. So who knows what will happen in may??? Anyways, this vacations include a weekend, so I expect everyone currently living in Vienna to move their asses back home to hometown!!!


well, not for me, shit... but I bought it and buying cars is part of my new job which is great. My new boss pays me a lot for negotiationg with german car retailers, and I just made my first deal, a Mercedes C220!!!! How sad I can´t pick it up by myself :-(


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