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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

mi cumple

So this was my birthday in Sevilla... kindof in Sevilla.
It started with a fucked up car rental. Andrea and me loaded with bags and easter eggs went to the airport to pick up our car.. got shuttled to the car rental parking "field" meeting our favourite Nizacars cabrón .... 1 hour later we got back to the airport and off we went to the bus station.. Well, we got graded down there.
Next bus in 2 hours. Outside masses of people waiting for a procession. But, being my birthday, we wanted to have a coffee. So we went to Sevilla's "Café Drehscheibe" bar at the bus station and had 2 rum and coke each before falling into a nice sleep in the bus. Once we set a foot on the holy tara tierra of Isla Cristina all the bad birthday stuff was blown away and we walked home in the usual atmosphere: Tuning cars, loud Reggaeton music, the sea and the beach and chicos morenos.
Friday was the day of open mouths, Saturday we were
supposed to have a Romeria-date and dinner with a laywer and a fishermen, which ended up to be a dinner and a weird scenery ft. misinterpretation, goats, and an egg-incubator. Sunday beach-weather and I had a beautiful walk on the beach.. wow. So in the end birthday weekend turned out to be full of weird situations but again loads of new memories..


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