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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Semana Santa day 2: andi's version

My day 2 of Semana Santa was kind of different because it was NOT good. why? Because day 1 was incredible. We kind of failed the common objective (see as many virgins as possible) because after seeing the first we decided a drink would fit into the plan. And if you ever thought rum with coke is disgusting, try rum with sweet wine! That's what I did, and after a few hours talking about crazy-sex-people, sailors, heartbreaker and love stories in my new favourite bar we heard the trumpets again.. huii... a virgin is comming. Drunk and in the dark the whole thing is even more impressing!!!
So this is the reason why day 2 was not that good for me. Spent my day online, translating 5 pages of my Easterholiday work and cooking Gulasch, argh&§%$" and yummy. But today I'm fit again for any Semana Santa action. Bring it on!!! Así se anda señor!


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