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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The day I fed Pitt, Pat, Polly, Pia, Pero, Peggy, Pelle, Pan, Pelin and Prince

The Whitsundays is an island group offshore of the Queenslandic East Coast. One of the islands has a beautiful beach called Whitehaven Beach. The sea is blue and the beach is bright white and fine as flour ... but really, I want you to pay attention to my brand new swimming suit, in matching colour to the stunning nature that surrounded me.
I stayed overnight on one of the islands and in the morning, while I was having breakfast, dozens of bright coloured birdies were chatting away in the trees. They sat in the trees until I threw the first breadcrumb (hehe) and suddenly they all came down and started to eat my toast. Now I know, I know: Feeding wild animals is pfui, pfui, pfui! But I couldn't help it.
And besides, nature punished me for that anyways, cos that afternoon, I was bitten by a goldfish. A big goldfish. While snorkeling in a reef, I swam too close to a boat where they were feeding the fish (with toast). And one of the little bastards thought that a whole in my stinger suit - showing my white skin - was a piece of bread and bit me. Well, nature is a flowing cycle of life and the motto is: "Bite or be bitten, or stay away."


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