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Friday, June 10, 2005


This is the one and only live- real time blog..hui hui hui... we just came home from such an amazing bar.. I really don't dare to tell you where this bar is.. but, hell, you know me.. I'm telling every single bit - even the most uninteresting one.. so it's called shambala and is in the le meridien hotel in vienna..BUT.. no, it's not super posh and no, it's not "you are such weird students, why do you go there to the old men and try to look as if you are one of the guests" thing.. really. First go there - then judge! so. we brought some souvenirs from our night journey.. some coasters and a button from buddha club.. peter pansky:I am watching you! i was really good and i can tell you: as sober as a judge! good night!
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