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Monday, June 13, 2005

shoe shub di doooo

muah... simone was faster in blogging yesterday's happenings down, so... to sum it all up I just can say that me and my three pairs of shoes joining me had the best time!

but there's one thing she forgot: the bwz community is larger than expected. we also met vice-mister-bwz udo in the big humanic center in the afternoon AND this strange atv-mq-"I wanna beat up mr. J at the bwz buffet"-guy AND another colleague who didn't want to know us ... hrmpf.

yes and how can one spend this sunday better than watching films with regional background (original translation according to LEO for "heimatfilm") about miss kirschwasser, ordering the new harry potter book and listening to simone's performance singing along the songs in her ear... the oooorigiiin of loooove....?


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