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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

dschingis khan du edler reiter...

as you might have noticed, my activity on this blog is currently a little bit low.. that's due to the fact that I am not undergoing worldshaking happenings at the moment. So these little things that happen just upset myself and won't be of your interest.. and that's also the reason why I will be gone for - yeah, take a deep breath - for 2 days!! Que horrór! So tomorrow I am driving to Schallaburg with my beautiful car, which is loaded with frazzles of yak, horse, goat and sheep. And in lower austria I will move into my yurt (Jurte) together with my new mongolian friends (all of them called khan to make things easier..) and get drunk with mongolian vodka.

Then I will slap culo of our bundeschancellor, our BM of education (nowadays a huge mongolia insider..) and enktuvshin and enktashvin.. and we will have an interview with KHM willi "saliera" on a chest... so you can see - still a lovely thursday and friday to come!
wish me luck and come and visit the really (no joke) nice exhibition on one of the thousand smooth austrian spring days! Or this weekend for the mongolia week.. Caramba!


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