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Monday, March 20, 2006

me and the WU bea-t-ches

I just arrived at the library at WU.. but before I wasn't sleeping.. no! I had my early morning spanish class. Outside is spring today, but the WU-library nerds didn't notice that (probably due to the fact that they are constantly digging into a heap of books in the archive). So in the library, which is also 80% made out of glass, I feel like a piece of cheese which is lying in the sun and starting to sweat. Next to me is the heating which is still in "winter-mode" and a huge window. I was somehow wondering why I get these beach-flashbacks since I came here today and it is because of the body lotion the girls opposite my place were bathing in this morning. And this body lotion-antiperspirant-girlyperfume smell reminds me of sun tan lotion. Mixed with the heat and the blue sky this is a multi-sensual experience.. I feel like sitting on the beach, at a crappy library table number 1.05 C/40 with integrated light , 4 books, my notebook and a pigeon staring at me through the window.


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