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Friday, April 28, 2006


Originally uploaded by martina melitta.
What a lovely day it was today. The parks are green and the sun was shining bright, but not for me.
Do you see the little blurred spot in the right corner? That's a bird dropping. And behind that dropping - on the other side of the picture, so to speak - I am standing.
I didn't leave the house today, because I am working on my projects. All I can do is stare out of the window, thinking of a better world after the 15th of May (and it so will be a better world!!) .
But for the moment all I can do is to back out on an active social life and become a stalker, peeping out of the window. Maybe tomorrow I'll introduce you to the 30men strong construction crew that is working on the building site outside, one of the few distractions I have left.


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