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Thursday, April 06, 2006

schens dagal!

today is such a “schens dagal” that I feel like it's my birthday as well. maybe this is because I did exactly the same things as Simo, just without the presents. We had a shopping trip, yummy yummy food at Maschu, coffee and cake at the phil with Vetsch and Chulia... no thesis writing, no duties, nada.

And for the first time in months I am materially pleased. I bought T-shirts, shoes, make-up, sun glasses, stuff stuff stuff...yes, yes, yes...thank god there were no red shoes that crossed my way! And I also had a secret operation which I managed surprisingly well – CIA I’m coming!!! I had to buy a bouquet of flowers for Simo by order of Mrs. Einfalt, her mum, who couldn’t stand that her little darling has to celebrate her birthday without flowers. And this was the best part of the day. Have you ever noticed how people look at you when you have a a bunch of flowers in your hand? On the short way from Cafe Hummel to Blindengasse every single person smiled when they saw me. I felt so..I don’t know.. like..the personalized messenger of spring! I wonder how a chimney sweeper must feel...

So, if this day just goes on like that, the bricksi bricksi happening will be a night to remember. Hope to see some metbloggers there! Break it down, oide!

and a little gift for everybody: da mundl


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