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Monday, April 10, 2006

WG Impressions #4

I have to say that I am a bit nostalgic about the last years in our lovely WG - flat.. although we had funny names for the other flat we wanted to move in first, right at the gürtel (haus gürtelrose..pff, sad joke..).
So this WG impression might not be as heart tearing as for my commune-girls, but listen to the things' stories:

#1: our salt-suspender. This is one out of our three salt suspenders we have. And this one we got as a present at our kick-off party back in 2001. I think I was grinning when we got this thingy. Sometimes I am polite.
#2: our damn-shitty radio. this little eduscho-tschibo thing is our little mister sensitive of the kitchen. It works either when the water is flowing and the fridge is closed, or when nobody is sitting on a chair at the table and when you activate the gas at our stove - it strikes... yeah, but after 4 years we don't not know yet how to treat him, that bitchy bastard!
#3: our second, but most important salt thing. I love it! Andi and me brought it along from our last isla cristina trip.. this thing and another kilo of salt..
#4: this is the our WG's dope. By the way.. thinking about names for drugs I remember me sitting in school and we read the legendary "Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhofszoo" (I think at the age of 13..) and everybody read: ".. sie wussten nicht von wo sie den nächsten schuss H [haa] herbekommen.." sorry, doesn't work in english.. oohhh :(
#5: the urin-mug, or urin-tumbler, or pissbecher. Thanks to Andi's mum for the pissbecher supply! You can even transport salat marinade in it! no leaking! I sound like horst from teleshopping...
#6: se nose. One of the three leftovers from our legendary jackson-party.. uuhuuuu

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