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Friday, June 23, 2006

Berlin Woman

some touri places to be:
#1: Alexanderplatz, Fernsehturm - of course one needs to see one of the former symbols of East Germany, built 1969. Now it looks like a football.. a pink one..
#2: The Fanmeile. Actually this place spoils the Brandenburger Tor (#3), but 60m² screens along the Straße des 17.Juli which offer a party for 700.000 people on 77.000m² are also an impressive thing to see! phew.. just made it there in the afternoon and watched the german fans on Tuesday queing up for the fussi game vs. Ecuador.
#4: The Holocaust memorial right next to Brandenburger Tor.
#5,6: Check Point Charly. One of the most famous checkpoints along the berlin wall which seemed to me like a ancient story which it isn't.
#7: Some leftovers from the Berlin Wall in Bernauerstraße, just around the corner from the flat where we were staying in.
#8: Jewish Museum in Lindenstraße. Wow. That is A museum. The new part was designed by Daniel Libeskind who also won the tender for the Ground Zero project in NY. Very interactive and touching.
#9: Palast der Republik. In East Germany as a symbol for representation it got the name Erichs Lampenladen due to the stunning and glowing interior. Now Berlin decided to rebuild the old castle... hm.. well, the Palast der Republik was also contaminated with asbestos.. but is it a good idea to get rid of all the historical things.. I was also wondering that one doesn't notice the Wall in the city. If there wouldn't be the traffic light men one would not notice the former part of Berlin. On the other side, why would one want to know in which side he is in after the wall was torn down.. schwierig..


Blogger martina said...

The wall looks so, not-frightening.

6/24/2006 12:29:00 am  
Blogger martina said...

das lied is ja super

6/24/2006 01:12:00 pm  
Blogger simo said...

rocko schamoni rulezzzzz...

hoffe wir schaffen das mit skype mal endlich! baby, baby bitte glaube mir, ich flieg direkt zu dir!

6/25/2006 03:06:00 am  

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